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Here on Miss Tango, Anna Sol gives you the opportunity to dive into and learn more, inquire, express and form your own tango personality! She offers various classes, courses and workshops irl and online. She is eager to help you further, deeper and closer to your tango core…

Tango technique class online going on!


To train tango technique, on your own or in a group, is a very rewarding tool that gives you clearer understanding of how the body and movements in tango actually work and what the effect is of different types of movements. After having trained technique, you feel more secure and more ready to express all the different colours of tango!

Now you have the possability to train weekly online, together with Anna, and gain knowledge of functional, practical and comfortable tango technique; join ” Tango Followers Technique Online 1&2″, starting the 15th of August 2020 at 16.00 CET! Email for more info and registration!

In the flow of the dance…


Yes! You have a repertoire in tango, also as a follower! If you want to have access and feel more sure and stable in your dance; train your repertoire! To have an overview and worked on the most frequent step combinations, you will feel more flow and ease when going to a practica or milonga.

Anna is giving “Tango Followers Repertoire” courses where you actually don’t need a partner to attend! More info about dates are coming soon!

On the edge!


To express oneself through Argentine tango is marvellous! It can give you a channel to play with both your emotional and physical self and in connection with another human being it is so rewarding and inspiring; you feel alive and connected! Expression in tango is something that you can practice, also by yourself. In fact it can be easier to find your own, true expression in tango, first without a partner. Then when you connect with someone on the dance floor, the magic can start!

“Express Tango” are tango classes given by Anna, for both followers and leaders, where you get the possibility to inquire, search, embody, try and find your own expression in tango. More info about dates are coming soon!

Are you interested in joining classes? Send me an email and I will give you more information! Looking forward to meeting you irl or online!

Welcome to join the tango exploration!

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